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Promo Audio Podcast mixed by Critycal Dub

Enjoy this amazing mix by Critycal Dub exclusively for the Promo Audio Podcast Series.

Tracklist :

Rony Blue - I'm So Sorry (Potential Badboy Remix)

A-Sides - One Dj (VIP 2016)

Break - Who Got da Funk

Margaman - Rough

L-Side feat Fats - High Times

Hogs - Dry Wall

Upgrade - No Nonsense

L33 - Get Lown

Serum & Voltage - Offline

TC - Aprils Fools

Alibi & Comand Strange - Ahead Of Me

L-Side - Soundclash

Critycal Dub - Otherside

Critycal Dub - Mr Propman


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