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Promo Audio Podcast mixed by Brain

DJ Rusty is pleased to introduce the newest Promo Audio Podcast and this time he invites an excellent producer directly from Colombia -"BRAIN" , resident Dj from one of the biggest nights of Drum& Bass from Colombia "R.SET " and recently signed one amazing single with Promo Audio company , listen + make your download + share with your friends!



Brain - Let it go (Dub)

Phase 2 - Common Economics

Technimatic - Bristol

Jam Thieves - Night Life

Brain - 6MWTD (Promo Audio Dub)

Rowpieces - Cut & Run

Phase 2 - Letting Go

Zombie at work - Imagination

Level 2 - Can you get It

Vicious Circle & Kasra - Black Walls

Brain - Grey Days (Dub)

Mutated Forms - Best served cold VIP

Random Movement - Sleazy Bitch

Brain - Inside

Dayni - Pirates

Brain - Recycle

Dj Chap - Old Times

Alibi - Restless

Brain & Young G feat. Gusto - Silence (Dub)

Blockwork - Subversive (Instant Remix)

Jam Thieves - Bomberman

Jam Thieves & Brain - Sniper

Arpxp & Maurs - Strange Delight

Dj Chap - Terrorist

Brain - Anxiety (Dub)

Brain - Be Careful (Dub)

Dj Chap - Emperor

Jam Thives & Brain Ft, Ren Dola - La Mafia (Dub)


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