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Urban Frequency Interview

Atualizado: 23 de jul. de 2021

We talked a little with the Urban Frequency duo, check it out...

How was the beginning of Urban Frequency?

We started the duo in 2001, we met playing at the Rewind party (Dj Tisso), observing each other's DJ style and musical taste, we realized that we liked practically the same segment within Drum'n'Bass, the heavier side and with direct influence of Jungle, so we decided to try to create something together and thus came Urban Frequency.



How did you find out about Promo Audio?

We both already knew the work of the label, seeing great releases being released constantly, awakening our interest in one day who will work on label too!

Tell us about your music on Street Series VOL.1?

Well, this track was made in a whole night, I had a problem with cabling at Studio, hence the name “NOISE TROUBLE” (KKKK)!!!

We're looking to create more “minimalist” songs, without too much dirt, cleaner to DJ, after a few attempts we're getting what we expected.

Which artists do you inspire to make your music?

We really like the work of S.P.Y, Dunk, BOU, Acuna, and we always take with us the influence of the beginning, of the guys who made history in the scene, who left their marks.

What do you use to produce, and why?

We started using Reason (in my opinion, the best of all), but there was a period that became obsolete, due to the emergence of multitracks that used VST's, so we decided to switch to Ableton LIVE as it is a very simple DAW with a lot of information available on the internet, track production becomes simple with so much information, but best of all is the plethora of plugins available on the market.

Currently, what is the best Drum&Bass party in your country (São Paulo/Brazil) ?

Before the pandemic, the party with the highest turnover in Brazil was “Forbass & Tendence.

What message do you leave for Drum&Bass fans?

The message that Kromiick & SFDub leave to everyone who follows the national and world scene is: “Support the talents of your country, admire the work of those who strive to bring you a different culture from the one you are already tired of experiencing!!!

Listen, share, share the work of the artist you admire, the worldwide Drum'n'Bass scene depends on it!!!

Watch their weekly show called Bass Crew on youtube!


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