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Our story...

Atualizado: 19 de jul. de 2022

Maybe you don't know, but our story started in Drum&Bass mid 2005, it was a time where we never heard of files like MP3 or WAV, everything had to come out in Vinyl and that's how we started!

At this time our chef Dj Rusty had already released his first music on the Escape´s label - Muzik Hertz (track id: Mustang Fast Back) and that was a great gateway to the major distributor called"Nu-Urban Music".

Rusty got in touch with the nu-urban team, they talked a lot and came to the conclusion that yes, they could start Promo Audio in the Drum&Bass vinyl world!

Rusty sent in the first two songs - Now Fight and Punk Dog and the team loved it and already planned the release date, and from then on it never stopped! We are working until today and we are very proud to know that we were the first latin america label to launch in vinyl the more Jump Up side of dnb at that time!!! Is a pride for all of us!!!

Today we continue our work taking good music around the world, in MP3, WAV and sometimes in vinyl too!

Below we have the image of the extinct Chemical-records, when we saw this screen our eyes filled with tears!


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