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HIGHLEVEL Interview + Studio mix

Soon, the next release of Promo Audio, Street Series VOL.2, will be in stores, and let's talk a little with HIGHLEVEL who bring in partnership with Dj Rusty and Chinga MC the track - Melatonina! More one good studio mix exclusive for us!! Check out!!

What was the process of creating "melatonina" ?

R: First I wanted to make a chill hip hop track for a friend from my neighborhood who sings, and then over time I gave it the drum n bass touch and I realized that the voice fell very well on the track, the rest flowed

When did the idea of ​​including the voice of Chinga MC in the track?

R: About the idea of ​​working together on something chill, liquid, hip hop, dnb, roller. The design of the letter which seemed very emotional reason for which we take everything forward

We have the participation of Dj Rusty in the music, how was the collaboration process?

R: Dj Rusty helped a lot with the mixing of the track, the master and the bassline were designed by him, he cleaned the voices to get to a good job, he gave more life to EP. I thank you for giving me space to present my music on Promo Audio!!

Tell us a little about the Drum & Bass scene in Colombia!

R: In Colombia at the level of musical production, the producers have increased every time there is a much higher level that makes the scene go learning to know new tracks from here, at the level of events and parties, I still feel that there is not change there is a lot of competition and everyone wants each group to get ahead on their own, lacks a lot of union and respect.

What are your plans for the future in your life as a producer and Deejay?

R: I want to continue making music in order to have a set of only my own productions and have a sound that characterizes me. As a DJ to make my second tour, whether here in America or in Europe!

What have you prepared for this exclusive mix for Promo Audio?

R: Prepare a set loaded with a lot of Latin American flow, some liquid, jungle, roller, deep, with Latin American artists who have greatly influenced my country and music from my favorite playlist.

And finally, what message do you leave to all the junglists who are here reading your interview?

R: Keep doing what you love the most, sacrifice for it someday the reward for all this will bear fruit. Thanks for the support of all who follow me JUNGLE IS MASSSIVE!!! Bellow, listen the exclusive HIGHLEVEL studio mix for Promo Audio!


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