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Promo Audio Radio #014 hosted by Dj Rusty

Welcome to new Promo Audio Radio!!

interview + guest mix with Marcos K-Marx

▶︎Dj Rusty tracklist

Bass Hunterz - Deep Hollers (Holographic Audio dubplate)

Dj Rusty - Shadown on the Wall (Amplifire)

Harry Styles - As it was (Dj Rusty remix) (Dubplate)

▶︎ interview Dj Rusty + Marcos K-Marx

▶︎Marcos K-Marx tracklist

Masterwizard - Heart And Soul (Promo audio Recordings)

Mystical - Neutrino - (dub)

Zombie At Work - Fragment One (Promo Audio Recordings)

Plazmonic - Sippin (Promo Audio Recordings)

D-Flex - Sticky (Promo Audio Recordings)

Marcos K-Marx - 15 inches (Promo Audio Recordings)

Dj LLIW - Alien Zone (Tamborim Recordings)

Dj Rusty - Formula(Urban Frequency Remix) (Promo Audio Recordings)

Dj Jann - Sheeps (Promo Audio Recordings)

Marcos K-Marx - Butcher (DNBB Recordings)

Naco (DVZR & Marcos K-Marx) - Your Sound Reference (DUB)

Konetix, dunk - The Clapper (Formation Recordings)

Dj Rusty - Surround (Grid Recordings)

marcos k-marx - minimal test (DUB)

VariableOp - Something Moving (Grid Recordings)

DVZR - Minimal Instinct (Tamborim Recordings)

Twisted Individual - Pedigree Slum (Jenks (UK) remix) (Grid Recordings)

Marcos K-Marx - Neo (DUB)

Dj DNS - I Don't Need (Tamborim Recordings)

DJ ANDY - Made For B.M.A (DNBB Recordings)

DJ Nai - What U Want (DNBB Recordings)

DJ DNS - EMPTY (Liquid Flow rec)

Bad Wolf - Wonder (DNBB Recordings)

Will - Peace and Love (tamborim Recordings))

Barral - All Mine (Liquid Flow rec)

Numeric Space, Deny L - Time (matematica Recordings))

Symmetrics & Abstract People - Blackmind (SpForgotten Recordings)


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