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Promo Audio Radio #006 (Special Guest : Finger)

Welcome to new Promo Audio Radio, this time Dj Rusty is pleased to welcome the great DJ Finger with a super guest mix!!

▶︎ Dj Rusty - Tracklist

Voltage - Congo Bongo

Dj Hazard - Digital Bumble Bees

Dj Rusty - Don't Go Way

Critycal Dub - Serial Killa V.I.P

Piano Negro - Piano Negro (Urban Frequecy Bootleg Mix)

Dj Rusty - Rabbit's Foot (Bassilar Membrane Remix)

Dj Rusty - Jungle Them

▶︎ Finger - Tracklist

No Human Sound 'Sydney's Catalogue' [Low Syndicate Audio]

Switch/Case 'Saucer' [Demand Records]

Alibi & Acuna 'System Report' [V Recordings]

Dj Andy 'Take It Back' [TempoSubs]

Dj Rusty 'Pursuit' [Promo Audio]

St.Iff 'Hexagon' [Promo Audio]

Arkoze & Sedo 'Tech Glitch' [Counterpoint Recordings]

Dj Marnel 'Inumanos' (B-Science Remix) [LuvDisaster Records]

Conrad Subs 'Bubbler' [Formation Records]

Ciland & One Mindz 'On Fiyah' [True Box]

No Human Sound 'Nostromo' (Plastiks Remix) [Low Syndicate Audio]

Dunk 'Signal Loss' [Low Syndicate Audio]

Jazzaton 'At the Sunset' [Jungle Pride Recordings]

Ciland & Broken System 'Breaking' [True Box]

Delah 'Lost Signal' [Low Syndicate Audio]

Dj Rusty 'Forbidden Street' [Promo Audio]

Ventus 'Rave Culture' [Future Formation]

Zoro, Japa & Bish 'LSD' [Born on Road]

John Rolodex ft Cartridge 'Dragon' (2021 Redux) [Machinist Music]

Bullet 'Wurly Bird' [Locked Up Music]

Nemy 'Armbar' [Vandal Records]

No Human Sound 'Ping Reality' [Low Syndicate Audio]

Gest 'No Doubt' [Shogun Audio]

Distant Future 'Fallback' [Ozriderz Records]

Sola ft. Sammie Hall 'Lost In the Moment' (Airglo Remix) [Grand Theft Audio]


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