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Dj Rusty - Tweaking / Tremor (New)

Our new forthcoming release by Dj Rusty's is a thrilling exploration into the heart of drum 'n' bass, featuring two outstanding tracks that showcase the artist's signature style. The first track, "Tweaking," is a high-energy Jump Up masterpiece, capturing the frenetic essence that Dj Rusty is renowned for. With its pulsating beats and infectious rhythm, "Tweaking" is a relentless journey into the vibrant world of Jump Up drum 'n' bass.

The second track, "Tremor," takes the listener on a different sonic adventure, delving into deeper bass realms that envelop the audience. Dj Rusty demonstrates his versatility with this track, creating an immersive experience with rich, resonant tones that resonate through the body. "Tremor" is a testament to Dj Rusty's ability to craft diverse sounds within the drum 'n' bass genre, proving that he can navigate both the high-energy and the bass-heavy spectrums with finesse.

Release date : 23/02/2024


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